MA Graphic Design (online)

Welcome to the new frontier of creative education. A global-reaching, flexible and innovative online Masters in Graphic Design from Falmouth University UK; one of the world’s leading creative universities with a global reputation for creative excellence. The MA Graphic Design (online) is a part-time, two year course full of cutting-edge content and provocative projects, designed to help you advance your personal and professional practice with study that fits into your life. Do you have a hunger to push your design knowledge and output?

Falmouth University - Flexible Learning


The Geomap is a digital archive resource that curates and maps the ongoing growth and distribution of emergent and critically relevant global graphic design studios, resources and places of production.


The Geotype project charts the rich history of lettering and type forms that have established the identity of cities and towns around the world.


Explore our virtual exhibition of graduates Final MA Projects to see how they have developed their graphic design career or launched a new business venture.

I was worried that I would feel isolated on an online course, but this hasn’t been the case. There’s a real focus on building a studio culture, and we have many opportunities to present our projects to other students and tutors. ”

Annie Bowers (MA Graphic Design online student)

I have been fascinated with the breadth and depth of the content that has been provided. The books, webinars, and ideas have sparked interest in areas that I would not traditionally see in this field. I have always wanted to study for my master’s degree but taking time out to do was just not financially viable. This flexible way of working allows me to do this while continuing to work and develop my professional practice.”

Robin Schmich (MA Graphic Design online student)